Darren Chowles

About Me

I'm Darren Chowles, a certified Laravel web developer with 20+ years of commercial experience. I started Rock Cherry Limited, a web and consultancy agency specialising in Laravel development, web security, and AI integration. I have a keen interest in behavioural economics, psychology and philosophy.

What I Do


Professional consultancy services in the areas of web development, web security, Laravel, hosting, and AI.

Security Audits

I pen-test your application, as well as performing in-depth code reviews and assessing security posture.

Laravel, PHP & AI Development

I'm a Certified Laravel developer, and have been using it since version 4.2 released in 2014.


I speak at conferences, my latest being a talk about application security at Laravel Live 2023 in London.


Certified Laravel Developer

August 2019

CompTIA Security+

Sep 2020

Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect

Aug 2022


United Kingdom